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What’s this wallpaper made of? I mean, besides pixels. And light.

HINT: It’s not seashells.


I will carry you thro it 

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Mass Effect Numbers Meme / Three Quotes [3/3] → 
"Ah, yes. Reapers. The immortal race of sentient starships
allegedly waiting in dark space. We have dismissed that claim."
Mass Effect: Invasion 
Aria T'Loak

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It’s been a good ride.
The best.

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All of us. Together to the end.

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It wasn’t fair. You had to do all the horrible stuff, and I didn’t have to do anyth—”
"That is no reason to lie to me! You think that’s what I want? You of all people!

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iii. Krista + Red Rose & Ymir + Black Rose
The red rose has long been associated with beauty and perfection and is a symbolism of passionate love. 
While the black rose is often thought to have negative connotations, it can also represent deep devotion and a love as rare as the black rose itself. 

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Kasumi Goto a la Art Nouveau.

Commission for the lovely mishikaiya! My eternal apologies for being so frakking slow about it.

BUT, thank you X10000 for commissioning this, because it’s definitely the most intensive, extensive work I’ve ever done, and I think I’ve come out a better artist on the other side.


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im so sorry

reblogging for a friend.

I- …uh…

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he  World  Eater [screenshot]

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Annie Leonhardt

i fall but when i rise i’ll be stronger than ever

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"my son," i say fondly to a 500lb krogan wielding a shotgun bigger than my head. "my beautiful son."