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Ashley by pixelgorilla

I will reignite.

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iscribble fangrai armwrestles

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I’m Commander Shepard, and I say CHARGE!

Artist markers and white ink on marker paper, text in PhotoShop. First time experimenting with white ink on an actual picture.

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FFXIII REMINISCENCE ~Tracer of Memories~ is a novel that expands on the ending of Lightning Returns. It follows the story of Aoede, a reporter in the New world who seeks the truth behind the ‘Crystal Age’.
Chapter 1: Hope Estheim
Chapter 2: NORA
Chapter 3: Sazh Katzroy
Chapter 4: Serah Farron
Chapter 5: Snow Villiers
Chapter 6: Noel Kreiss & Paddra Nsu Yeul
Chapter 7: Oerba Yun Fang & Oerba Dia Vanille
Chapter 8: Hope Estheim -Chronicles of a Chaotic Era-
Chapter 9: Breathless
Chapter 10: Passenger

I will update this post when proper translations come out for the other 3 chapters!


what if in krogan tradition, newborns are dropped on the ground and their potential strength is tested by how well they crack the floor

Five Alternate Universes Where Lightning Met Fang


  1. Lady Lightning Farron, renowned explorer, sails across the ocean and discovers a new continent. There, she meets an intriguing warrior who goes by the named of Fang.
  2. The sorceress Vanille summons a demon to do her bidding. After the summoning goes awry, its up to her sister, a paladin named Fang, to try and strike a bargain with the demon, Lightning.
  3. Lightning Farron is a ghost hunter who stumbles upon an ancient village guarded by the most frustrating ghost she’s ever met - Fang.
  4. Lightning and Fang wash up together on a deserted island without their memories. What they don’t know - but will find out - is that they are soldiers on opposite sides of a war.
  5. Fang is a reporter in search of a scoop on a legendarily reclusive writer. She expects to find a deranged, crazy shut in. Instead, she finds herself staring down the barrel of a shotgun held by Lightning.

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Paragon Shepard: I strongly disagree with you and here's why.


Palette Meme: Femshep + Husk in #13 upon Anonymous request


kaidan is so grounded


Palette Meme  |  Odin in #3 for wheretheseaandskymeet
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